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Adair is a technological wizard, able to develop and build devices that are decades ahead of modern technology. Many of the advanced machines used by the Upright Citizens Brigade in the Inner Sanctum were designed by Adair, including the Teleporter, the Full Body Scanner, and the Whippetizer. Perhaps Adair's greatest addition in the fight to create chaos is Chamelium, a metal polymer Adair developed that can blend into any surrounding until it is virtually undetectable. Since its invention, the polymer has been used in many of the UCB's cameras, allowing a tenfold increase in secret surveillance. Similarly, Adair's invention of a new binary number, "2", enhanced the speed and power of the UCB's computers beyond not just modern science, but modern science-fiction, as well.

Adair has always been a scientific genius, and has always been attracted to chaos. There is an old, now-legendary story about Adair's technical prowess: On a bet, Adair hacked his way into the FBI mainframe and de-coded several classified documents. Then, on the spot, he created his own code (based on a mix of prime numbers and wedding cake ingredients) and re-encrypted the files so the FBI could no longer read them. "He forced the Feds to break into their own computer and figure out their own secrets," laughs an unnamed source. "You go on the Net and ask any Whiz-bang, Cracker Jack or Tech head who's ever gotten even a whiff of what Adair can do, they'll tell you he's a God."

The FBI isn't the only organization who's been on the receiving end of Adair's chaos: Adair has been credited with the dissemination of several key rumors, including that John Wayne was gay, that Jamie Lee Curtis was a man, and that Antoine is a Cyborg.

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