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Besides a wide range of skills and abilities, Colby is most noted for her intense dedication to chaos. Quite often, this dedication is punctuated with flare-ups of her legendary temper, a unique rage and passion she brings to every UCB mission. "Colby's doesn't let anything get in the way of the objective," claims one source. "And anything or anyone that does get in her way doesn't stay there for very long."

If the rumors can be believed, Colby was discovered by the UCB after destroying five brawlers twice her size in a bar fight in Mexico. "It was one of the dirtiest, most vicious fights I've ever seen," says Antoine, who sometimes uses a tape of the fight while training new operatives. "It was beautiful."

But if beneath Colby's dedication to chaos lies a layer of seething rage, then beneath that rage lies a surprisingly warm center. "Colby will break a man's windpipe if he hoots at her, but she'll let spiders out into the yard rather than step on them, you know? On her bookshelf, The Art of War is right next to Where the Sidewalk Ends," says an anonymous agent, doing his best to explain the enigmatic operative. "I mean, some people say Colby's into the UCB to get her rocks off, to hurt people, but I don't think that's it at all. I think she just likes to even the odds."

Colby has issued her unique brand of chaotic justice to several groups and individuals: For example, Colby released the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape to the public and orchestrated the admittance of the first women into the Citadel.

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