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Lunatic (pronounced Lu-NAT-ic) has been a police officer for over twenty-seven years. In that time, his career has been a controversial one. Lunatic has received four commendations for valor from the Mayor; he has also been suspended eleven times. Over the span of those twenty-seven years, Lunatic has had nine partners -- each one killed while on duty. The department now allows Lunatic to work alone.

Lunatic's beautiful wife died in a bizarre shootout that erupted during a Little League game, forcing Lunatic to raise his son, Leonard, by himself. Lunatic has never recovered from his wife's death, still cursing the God who took her away. Haunted by her memory, Lunatic sleeps one hour a night in a chair, with his weapon drawn. Despite promising his wife on her deathbed that he would give up his badge, Lunatic will be a cop until he is with her again, the day he dies. Until then, however, his only comfort in life is taking punks off the street.

One punk in particular has made that task particularly difficult --
Lunatic's archrival --

Upright Citizens Brigade