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Trotter Trotter
Trotter is a con-artist with an uncanny knack for understanding people. Able to rattle off a person's hopes, fears, and desires after watching them for only a few moments, Trotter uses this to create all kinds of chaos, including his infamous practical jokes. "Your buttons are so obvious to Trotter that he can't help but push them," says an unnamed source. "Sometimes I think he just does it to see if he can guess what you'll do."

Some examples of Trotter pushing buttons: He convinced the Academy to give Helen Hunt an Oscar, and tricked the Federal Drug Administration into approving Olestra.

Agents have long admitted to being put off by Trotter's seemingly lazy attitude about creating chaos, citing examples of his partying habits, sexual antics and penchant for bursting into song. Others, however, say it's all part of the con. "You've got to watch Trotter," says one source. "You'll think you're about to win an argument with him, and all of the sudden he'll bring up something from your childhood that you're sure you never told him, or pull out some poetry you wrote in college that he never could have gotten his hands on. It's incredible to watch, but as soon as it's over, his head is right back under the keg again."

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