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Hey guys,
Here's some sure-fire pick-up lines that we wrote. They always work, especially at a bar. They sometimes work better when you are screaming drunk or totally baked. Rock out and don't forget to always use a condom. Not!

Turk and Blaine's Favorite "Happy Hour" Pick-up Lines

Turk and Blaine

1. Hey what's up beautiful? I'm in a Fraternity.

2. It's a wonderful night to get fucked up ain't it?

3. We're all celebrating tonight. All the guys in the frat decided that this might be the last night we ever get to get fucked up together. I mean you know how guys in frats are always falling off roofs or choking on vomit. We've got like a really dangerous career or something.

4. You look exactly like my mother but I know you're not.

5. I don't want to go home again by myself tonight, and have to fashion a vagina out of Vaseline, my roomate's mattress and hockey tape.

Turk and Blaine

6. Hey, what would you say to a night of video golf, free keg beer and awesome mix tapes?

7. I know from looking at you that you like to get high. So what do you say we hop in my van, go back to my house, do some bong hits and have a good time.

8. You like this song? It totally makes me hungry. You want to go get some food?

9. I've seen you here before and I was struck by the way you carried yourself. You seemed mature, confidant, yet open to simple folk and their regular ideas. I find that incredible attractive in a woman. Watch me make Turk think he pissed himself again.

Turk and Blaine

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