the real real world

  10:00 p.m.
  five dollars


  the ucb theatre
  161 w 22nd st
  ny, new york

   212 366-9176





 house guests

Substitute characters and special guests who've appeared from time to time in the cast:

owen burke "phil mcconkey" of the fbi witness protection program & lou anne the cheap transsexual
katty biscone summer feinglass, director & suzie the britany spears superfan
dannah feinglass jamie summers the bionic woman
billy merritt kief bootak, the klingon coward & ty plasters, camera
dyna moe jenn, the suicidal goth & max kim, camera
ari voukydis dj deadley, suburban rapper
ian roberts leonard, the mentally-challenged roommate



the camera-addict   the islander the 900 lB teenager the serial-killer   the born-again
the plague-ridden peasant   mayor giuliani  
the teen sleuth
  the director   the cameraman